Portable air compressors working hard

Posted by Cas at 7:51 AM on Aug 9, 2013


3 portable air compressors

portable air compressors working hard in the Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Just wanted to share this picture I took some time ago of 3 portable air compressors. The big one in the bottom left is an Ingersoll Rand compressor. I don’t know what the two smaller blue one’s are.

I ‘discovered’ these machine at the back of an holiday apartment building, in the Cameraon Higlands, Malaysia (by the way: the Cameron Highlands are an fantastic place to visit when you are on Holiday in Malaysia). There is a lot of construction going on in this area, so there are a lot of portable air compressors to be seen :)

The working conditions aren’t too bad here, as we are in the highlands, the temperature is only 20-25 degrees Celsius.