I have a gas powered air compressor with a 420cc Predator engine,175psi, 25cfm,30gal tank.

my problem is when I winterize a sprinkler system i have to stop and build up pressure between each zone and it takes a good 5 minutes to get up to pressure then i can continue.

If i install a bigger tank will it b able to keep up, or do you think i need a bigger compressor.

Thank you for your help. Eric.


Hi Eric,

No, a bigger tank won't help you here much I'm afraid.

I bigger tank simply means a bigger air storage, but the output of the compressor stays the same.

In your case, it would simply mean you can do two zones without stopping, but then you have to wait for twice as long to fill up the bigger storage tank again. Overall, you still have to wait the same time.

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