Hi dear i have this question for you.

What is lenght of compressed air circuit?
How do i calculate it. As we général ly have different pipe sizes, are we measuring lenght of each pipe that conducts compressed air and make sum?

Thanks for your detailed explanation about the question.


Hi Emmanuel,

If you have different pipe sizes in your system, for example with a main header pipe and smaller sub-systems, you will have to calculate the pressure drops separately.

But, keep in mind the different air flows through the different pipes. The big main pipes will have the biggest air flow and the sub-systems or pipes will have smaller air flows.

So always do you calculations on the actual (peak) air flow in the pipe and do this for every pipe. Than you can just add them up.

It can be useful to draw a simple map/overview of the system and just write down the pressure drop for every pipe, bend, filter, valve, etc.

Then for the total pressure drop at any point, just add up all the pressure drops that comes before it.

Hope this helps!


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