Whether screw compressors with integrated Air dryers are good or Screw compressors with external air dryers are good?

Temp. in India are as high as 45 degree celcius in India in summer. So which one shoudl I prefer? pls reply..

I have heard that screw compressors with integrated Air dryers are made for Europe conditions with ambient temp. around 28 degree celcius? so what is your view for Indian conditions. Pls suggest.
Compressor type:
Rotary Screw - oil injected
Atlas Copco
Compressor model:
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Hi Aniket,

I believe most Atlas Copco machines are designed for 35 - 40 degrees ambient temperature max... but that's really pushing it and will already give you problems!

So in your situation I think it is best to get an external air dryer.

Especially with the GX7 that you mention.. the enclosure is very small and the Atlas Copco GX series is like a cheaper GA series, so you can have more problems if you run it in 45 degrees ambient temperature!

Make sure to have good ventilation in your compressor room. Install ducting to inlet/outlet of cooling air!

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